Attorney Malpractice & Disciplinary: Defense

Attorney malpractice cases come in all shapes and sizes, from a spectrum of legal practice areas, and in varied courts or administrative bodies. In the course of representing attorneys in the defense of legal malpractice cases through the years, our attorneys have defended attorneys in matters based upon alleged malpractice in the prosecution of personal injury actions, estate planning and probate, tax planning, the conduct of litigation, corporate mergers and acquisitions, securities filings, family law, and cyber liability.

Effective representation requires not just the ability to defend an attorney in the depositions, hearings, discovery process, and trial that inevitably follow the filing of suit but also the ability to effectively assess the problem and where possible provide a solution pre-empting the necessity of a lawsuit. No lawyer likes to be the subject of a lawsuit. Decades of working with lawyers in resolving claims against them has provided the “gray hair“ that is so necessary in developing the tactics and strategy necessary to resolve attorney malpractice claims as efficiently as possible.