Business Bankruptcy & Reorganization

The decision to seek bankruptcy protection or to undertake a reorganization plan is never an easy one.

Your business is your lifeblood and when times are tough, you need a law firm that has been working with companies for decades to guide them to the best decisions for their business.

Our bankruptcy and reorganization attorneys have a wealth of experience handling complex corporate bankruptcy and reorganization matters, and that experience gives our clients peace of mind during a difficult time.

We have represented clients across all major industries from healthcare to manufacturing, retail to real estate and everything in between. Some notable examples of our success on behalf of our clients include:


Automotive Industry

We represented the Chapter 7 trustee in a case where the secured lender initially offered virtually none of the millions of dollars in dispute. We ultimately recovered millions above the initial offer– enough to pay unsecured creditors the majority of what they were owed.



We represented the debtors in a complex Chapter 11 case. We successfully defeated mortgagee deficiency claims of $5 million and successfully got creditors paid in full and left our clients with more than $1 million.



We filed a Chapter 11 case on behalf of a significant printing company and its owners. We were able to successfully defeat a very large disputed claim by prior owners under a subordinated note and successfully restructure remaining debt with secured lenders (HSBC Bank) and trade creditors.


Dairy Industry

We represented the largest trade creditor in a Chapter 12 dairy farm reorganization. We negotiated a plan requiring partial repayment of old debt plus debtor purchasing all requirements of feed and nutrients from client for five years with payment in advance of delivery.



We represented a Chapter 7 Trustee, securing distribution of approximately 50 percent to unsecured creditors through successful prosecution of an avoidance action, including against affiliates of debtor, where the debtor had projected little or no distribution.


Native American Tobacco

We represent a Native American owned wholesale cigarette manufacturer with annual revenues in excess of $200 million. We negotiated a confirmation of joint consensual plan with three states with disputed claims of hundreds of millions of dollars.


Commercial Real Estate

Successfully represented debtor REIT with $150 million in publicly traded bond debt in a Chapter 11 case concluding with an affiliate reacquisition of bonds at a substantial discount.



Represented creditors’ committees and secured lenders in multiple Chapter 11 cases involving regional healthcare providers, including one where we represented the official creditors committee resulting in a successful termination of the defined benefit pension plan and a distribution to trade creditors of 50 percent.



We currently represent a Chapter 11 wind down of a trucking company in which we represent the debtor and we obtained confirmation of a plan whereby they may be able to pay creditors in full with funds remaining for equity holders.


Working with bankruptcy and re-org clients, debtors, secured lenders, unsecured creditors’ committees and trustees for generations has given our attorneys extensive experience with complex bankruptcy and insolvency matters.

Our experience in these matters on behalf of clients includes:

  • Restructuring debt for companies requiring financial reorganization
  • Commercial and institutional loan debt restructuring and enforcement
  • Representing official committees of unsecured creditors in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings
  • Prosecution and defense of preference, fraudulent transfer and other claims related to bankruptcies and insolvent companies


Don’t trust the future of your business to just anyone. Bankruptcy and reorganization laws are complex and often-changing. Experience matters and the bankruptcy team at Gross Shuman P.C. will put our experience to work for you, presenting you with all of your options and advising you on a plan to deliver the best results possible.