Intellectual Property

People put their money and, just as importantly, their hearts and souls into creating innovative brands, products, services, and content. Intellectual property can be tremendously valuable.

Unfortunately, now, more than ever, there are individuals and entities seeking to profit from other people’s intellectual property.  That is why we work closely with our clients to not only maximize the profitability of their intellectual property, but also to protect it from those who might seek to infringe on their intellectual property rights. 


Our clients trust us to be knowledgeable in these areas:

Registering and protecting trademarks

For both established brands and businesses as well as entrepreneurs, our attorneys can assist in selecting business names, marks and domain names that can be successfully registered without infringing on others’ rights. Gross Shuman attorneys are versed in litigating unfair competition, trademark, infringement, and domain name disputes; in the growing digital world and Internet spaces we have an established record of success.


Registering and protecting copyrights

Copyrights protect original expression in numerous forms, including books, images, recordings, videos,  photographs, software, business plans, advertising copy, and designs. Our attorneys can help with the copyright registration process and can assist in protecting works from infringement including unlawful copying, plagiarism, and other unfair uses.


Licensing agreements

Collaboration for creation and use of intellectual property is part of our core practice, as well. We are experienced in structuring and negotiating licenses, assignments, and other transactions in which intellectual property can be profitably used.


unfair competition

Unfair competition can arise within an organization as well as from external sources, taking myriad forms. We can provide agreements and strategize to protect trade secrets and proprietary information, and when necessary, aggressively pursue and stop those seeking to use or expose that intellectual property.


Intellectual Property Client Alerts

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