Long-Term Disability

When you are disabled and can't work, you need your benefits to survive. Receiving a rejection letter after filing for Long-Term Disability Benefits (LTD) can be devastating, but it isn't the end of the road. 

Our team works with clients who have been denied their LTD benefits to bring them through the appeals process and secure the best outcome possible for their unique case and circumstances. 

Many individuals carry a Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance policy. In many cases this is an employer-provided benefit. The intent of a LTD policy is to help replace a portion of the disabled person’s lost income. However, as is the case with a homeowner’s policy or auto policy, the insurance company isn’t simply going to hand over the cash without a determination that the person is disabled from performing the job duties of his/her specific occupation. In many cases, that leads to a denial of benefits. That is where we step in. 

Our team has years of experience fighting on behalf of clients who have been wrongfully denied LTD benefits. We understand the approach the insurance companies take and we know how to prepare a strategic defense against the tactics often used to deny benefits. 

There are a host of reasons an insurance company may deny a long term disability claim, ranging from citing a preexisting condition, to determining that there is insufficient medical documentation to support the claim. We assist our clients in obtaining the medical documentation needed, work to refute unsubstantiated claims of a preexisting condition, and fight to secure the benefits they deserve. 

The strength of an appeal when an individual has been denied LTD benefits varies widely from person to person. Not everyone has strong grounds for appeal, but many do. If you decide to appeal a denial, you will be facing off against a powerful adversary, the insurance industry. Knowing that they will fight to reject your appeal, you need someone on your side fighting just as hard to get you your LTD benefits.


We are here to represent you in the following areas: 


Filing a claim for benefits

Many people choose to complete the paperwork for filing a claim on their own, but others seek our assistance. They want to make sure they accurately complete the paperwork and have the most comprehensive package of supporting documentation possible. If you are seeking guidance before you file your claim, we are here to help. 


Filing an appeal following a denial of benefits

If you receive a letter of denial of LTD benefits, there is a timeline for you to file an appeal. Don't delay, give our office a call and explore your options. Our attorneys will review your case, explain your options and craft an approach that provides the best chance for a reversal of your denial. Also, there is no up-front cost to you. Our attorneys typically handle Long-Term Disability appeals on a contingency basis, meaning that we don't get paid unless we recover money for you. 


We have a team of experienced litigators ready to fight for you in court


Litigating any matter can take a lot of time, and it can be stressful. We always consider litigation a last option, but if it does become necessary, our litigation team is battle tested and ready to take on the insurance company on your behalf. Our experience in preparing appeals and navigating the process allows us to avoid litigating ERISA/LTD claims most of the time. Still, if litigation is necessary, you want an experienced team leading the charge for you. 


We stand by our clients after the initial matter is resolved


Once you are a client of Gross Shuman, you are part of our family. We are here for you long after your matter is resolved. If the insurance company challenges your disability status down the road, we are available to resume the matter. Managing a disability that prevents you from working is stressful enough. You don't need the added pressure of wondering what will happen if your status is challenged down the line. We are always just a phone call away. 


Long-Term Disability Questions? Call today

If you or a loved one has a long term disability claim, and you need guidance on the next steps, give our office a call. We can talk with you over the phone and assess the best course of action for your unique case to get you the most favorable outcome possible.