Summer Party Plans? State Liquor Authority Expands

Summer Party Plans? State Liquor Authority Expands "Special Events Permits"

May 20, 2024

Significant changes to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law are coming just in time for the upcoming summer event season.

Many businesses utilize New York State Liquor Authority (“SLA”) special-event permits to serve alcohol outside the premises wherein they are licensed to serve.

The Fiscal Year 2025 New York State Budget (“FY2025”) enacted April 2024 expanded several of the so-called special event permits previously offered by the SLA.

“One-Day Beer and Wine Permits” are now called “One-Day Alcohol Event Permits” and allow for the service and sale of wine, beer, cider, and liquor at an event for 24-hours. Previously, they were restricted to beer, cider, and wine only. Both licensed businesses and members of the public can apply for a One-Day Alcohol Event Permit to sell wine, beer, cider, and liquor. Previously, only licensed businesses with a One-Day Catering Permit could sell liquor at private off-site events.

The budget also removed the requirement that One-Day Catering Permits only be issued for indoor events. Now, licensed businesses or caterers may obtain One-Day Catering Permits for both indoor and outdoor events, removing the necessity for constructing tents or coverings.

Those familiar with putting on events will welcome these changes as they expand what the industry will be able to offer customers, thereby bringing new opportunities for revenue.

We recommend applying well in advance of any scheduled event. Many encounter issues with the SLA’s new online permit portal system. Additionally, applications take several days to process, and vendors will not sell to you without a valid permit. You do not want to be caught a few days before an event without a permit or any alcohol inventory.

Our team is happy to assist you with any aspect of this application process. We work with businesses every day to ensure that their applications are properly submitted and obtained in time for them to legally service their contracted events.

Click here to view more information from the SLA on changes enacted through the FY2025.

Attorney Carolynn E. Grennell is a member of our corporate law practice. She works with clients on a wide variety of business needs. Carolynn also has a wealth of experience assisting bars and restaurants through the complex process of obtaining a New York liquor license as well as with renewals and other related issues that arise. She can be reached at 716-854-4300 ext. 257 or [email protected]