Estate Attorney Buffalo, NY


Estate planning helps you protect your loved ones and assets in case of incapacitation or death. An estate plan allows one to prepare for the transfer of assets after passing away. While this is a challenging topic that many evade, it's a fact that someday, everyone will pass away. How you plan today will determine what happens to your assets and the people you care about.

A successful estate plan should allow the goals you have set for your estate to be achieved to their optimal potential. However, estate planning encompasses several things, that's why you need to work with a qualified estate attorney. Gross Shuman P.C. estate planning attorneys are well-equipped and experienced to handle any estate in Buffalo, NY, despite the size or complexity.

Why hire an estate planning attorney?          Estate Planning Attorney in Buffalo, NY

Estate planning gives you and your loved one peace of mind and helps eliminate or minimize contention after you pass away. Our team of experienced Buffalo, NY, estate planning attorneys will guide you through every necessary step involved. They will help you draft an estate plan appropriately to avoid the consequences of poor estate planning.

An estate plan will help you provide financial support for your loved one and ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes. It also reduces any federal estate tax that your loved ones might face. Additionally, an estate plan goes beyond who takes what to include what happens in case of incapacitation, and you are unable to make some decisions about your assets, legal obligations, or medical care.

An estate planning attorney from Gross Shuman P.C. will walk you through the process and help you draft an estate plan that is enforceable by law and makes your wishes and goals clear. Whether you are considering writing a will or trust or want to learn more about estate planning, our experienced estate attorney will handle your estate planning needs.

Our estate planning attorneys have many years of experience handling estates in Buffalo, NY.