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Intellectual Property, Entertainment & Sports Law

The attorneys at Gross, Shuman, Brizdle & Gilfillan, P.C. have over 30 years experience in intellectual property and technology law, particularly trademarks and unfair competition, copyrights, Internet law, art, entertainment and sports law, as well as related litigation.

Trademarks can be of critical value to both established businesses and entrepreneurs. Our attorneys can help protect not only existing brands, but assist in the selection of business names and marks that will not infringe the rights of others, and can be successfully registered. Trademarks can prove to be valuable in protecting Internet domain names as well, and can be an effective tool in dealing with "cyber squatters" who seek to divert Internet traffic.

When necessary, our extensive experience with litigating unfair competition, trademark, infringement and domain name disputes can be invaluable, and our firm has an established record of success.

Copyrights have great worth as well. Copyrights protect not only books, pictures, music and recordings, but also photographs, catalogs, manuals, software, business plans, advertising copy, jingles, and designs. Our attorneys can help with the copyright registration process as well as deal with instances of unlawful copying, plagiarism, and other unfair uses of client's protected expression.

Agreements for licensing intellectual property and collaborations for creation and use of intellectual property are part of our core practice, as well. We can provide assistance in structuring and negotiating licenses, assignments, and other transactions in which intellectual property can be profitably used and exploited.

The lawyers at Gross, Shuman, Brizdle & Gilfillan, P.C., in Buffalo, New York, understand the costs and creative efforts required to bring new, innovative brands, products, services and content to public attention. We have the knowledge and experience to help protect your investment in your intellectual property, and to help you realize the maximum returns on that investment.

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