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Business Divorce, Shareholder Disputes & Dissolution

Unfortunately, despite even the best of planning, disputes can arise among owners of closely held businesses. Gross Shuman has extensive experience in assisting its clients in matters involving business disputes within closely held companies. The firm offers a level of experience and understanding second to none to handle these matters and the often involved complex legal and emotional issues.  Gross Shuman has successfully litigated dissolution actions as well as shareholder derivative actions.

We have assisted many business owners in resisting the efforts of minority shareholders or members to disrupt or dissolve an ongoing successful business.  We have employed the use of litigation, arbitration, valuation and negotiation to achieve the most desirable and effective results while minimizing costs and disputes to the business.

In other instances, we have successfully prevented overreaching business partners from squeezing out or freezing out minority shareholders or members, particularly where the minority shareholder has an expectation of earning a livelihood from the business.   

Gross Shuman is well versed in the applicable laws and procedures governing dissolution proceedings, accountings, inspection of corporate records, and valuation proceedings involving shareholders, partners and  members of closely held corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies.

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